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You’re in the money

One of the challenging aspects of starting out as a travel blogger is getting connected with travel providers. is your portal into top travel providers with targeted offers from hundreds of major travel companies, as well as news, content and more.

Typically, you usually need to apply to the providers, get approved and then build your own database of links and offers. In some situations, you might not be approved by the providers, which means no links and no revenue. We have years of experience and relationships with some of the biggest travel networks and travel providers (such as Expedia companies, Orbitz, Travelport and HotelClub) and can simplify the path to travel sales success for you for very little spend.

We do things a bit differently. We offer hundreds of travel products where you can make some serious money. You start by visiting our Shop. Peruse what’s on offer, organized by typical categories and then find the product you like. Add it to the basket and repeat.

Depending on the kind of subscription you choose with us, you will soon see links, specials, materials, offers, articles and more delivered to you via to use on your site. Each product in your basket has its own value. We share the revenue with you. And you win by the sheer variety that offers. New products, content and news appears every day for you to use.

(Note – commissions are depending on your selected Ka-ching subpublisher agreement)

It’s really as simple as that. Sign-up below.

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