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Hi! If you’re here for, we’ve changed. We focus now on helping travel professionals succeed.

One of the challenging aspects of starting out as a travel blogger is getting connected with travel providers. is your portal into top travel providers with targeted offers from hundreds of major travel companies, as well as news, content and more.

Typically, you usually need to apply to the providers, get approved and then build your own database of links and offers. In some situations, you might not be approved by the providers, which means no links and no revenue. We can help. We have years of experience and relationships with some of the biggest travel networks and travel providers (such as Expedia companies, Orbitz, Travelport and HotelClub) and can simplify the path to travel sales success for you for low fees. And we have several models to choose from that can work the way you work.

Imagine being able to focus on travel blogging and not worrying about where your next article or commission will come from. And it’s as easy as copy and paste.

And what is ka-ching? The sound of you making money! See below.

Get it touch with us to learn more and see if this works for you. Complete the form below.

    Providers & Affiliates

    50+ airlines
    25+ auto companies
    40+ travel consolidators
    15+ bike rentals
    8+ camping services
    35+ clothing
    15+ cruise offerings (including river)
    10+ food and drink
    10+ – fun and gifts
    15+ health and beauty
    130+ holidays and experiences
    30+ home products and services
    80+ international hotels and chains
    5 frequent flyer plans
    20+ reading, learning, lifestyle
    5+ luxury travel / stays offerings
    25+ rail and bus
    25+ technology
    35+ tour companies and offers
    25+ travel services: transfers, insurance

    Create (huge content library)

    Hundreds of travel posts*
    Complete WordPress creation tools.
    Content (hundreds of articles) and news, ready to use.
    Google, Facebook and SEO.
    Hosted by top providers, WP Engine, Cloudflare and more.

    Note: as you scroll through the catalogue, you’ll notice that all products are marked with $1. The $1 is just a placeholder that allows us to better organise our catalogue. The products are not $1. You are able to select products based on the subscription model that you choose when you join

    (Note – commissions are dependent on your selected Ka-ching subpublisher agreement)

    *Some content courtesy of our companion company, Matouring.