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The world speaks your language. It’s true!

Travel is one of the best things on earth. The more you travel, the more you realise that other countries and other people are pretty much the same. With the global economies, and global businesses that spit out global products (Coke, Disney, Marvel etc) it comes as no surprise when you are walking through Colombia and you hear BTS on the radio, or see people wearing Desigual dresses. For us, we absolutely love that, provided that the countries and the people don’t lose sight of themselves in the rush and the push to get in on the latest trends.

If you travel, one of the most prominent thoughts in your mind is whether you’ll be able to be understood, or to understand what’s been said to you. It’s a legitimate worry. But, the more you travel, you’ll also see that companies – from giant conglomerations to tiny mom-and-pop stores, take this into consideration. It’s in everyone’s best interest, isn’t it?

Technology is a miracle, because if two people have smartphones, they can (using Google Translate or other specific products) speak to each other as if they were native speakers. And Google Translate is super because you can use it offline on many mobile devices. (We love Google Translate and use it on our site because it allows us to offer 133 different languages, with remarkable accuracy.)

And, increasingly, finding wifi in far away places is getting easier and easier.  You can travel almost without worrying about it.  And, there is the promise of new satellite-based services that can give you a signal even if you’re in the bottom of a well.

There are other options, too – read more here and put your fears aside.

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Want to get serious? Rosetta Stone can get you fluent. Click above.

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