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A new flight aggregator has arrived

This from our affiliate friends, Travelpayouts: the next major flight aggregator is finally here. “We used 10+ years of expertise in over 35 markets to build the best service for both travelers and travel content creators to partner up with. WayAway is an innovative service that helps travelers find the best deals on airline tickets, car rental, hotels, and much more. What sets WayAway apart from the rest is its cashback program, WayAway Plus, which users can sign up for to get incredible rewards for bookings.”

This looks like a great affiliate offer: WayAway affiliates get a 50% revenue share, 30-day cookie lifetimes, and $10 for each WayAway Plus membership sold. Don’t miss your chance to earn big this summer!

Check out the Ka-Ching shop for your chance to sign-up. Add it to your basket

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